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• Telematics for wheels (Standard)
  • Hardware configured to the individual specification of each vehicle and to your fleet as a whole

  •  Dedicated customer service support

  •  Free software upgrades

  •  Online training manuals for installation of hardware & fleet management reporting

  •  Real time 24/7 tire health check including predictive maintenance & Time-to-Critical analysis using Artificial Intelligence

  •  Tire & vehicle issues are displayed to driver by red light display and audible alarm in driver‘s cab

  •  Tire & vehicle issues are visible to your fleet‘s workshop on dedicated web pages, with alerts sent to key personnel

  •  Vehicle / Trailer location mapping for service recovery


• Telematics for wheels 
• Plus total tire management
  • Everything included in IntelliWheel

  • Real Time Predictive Tire Management

  • Data history & reporting

Performance Optimisation

    Per wear rate

    Per mm

    Per month

    Per km

All Services from one Source!

  • Artificial Intelligent analysis - onboard and cloud driven.

  • 2G/3G/4G  - two-way communication and data roaming.

  • Service Center - 24/7 IFMS customer support (online & telephone) 

“We aim to be the world’s first choice in vehicle tire 
  telematics. Delivering independent, tailored systems
  for safer, more efficient, environmental aware mobile 
  solutions, meeting tomorrow's needs today.”


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